About us For more than 30 years we have been providing benefits to our customers

In the SOR-DREW Group we work hard every day to meet the high expectations of our customers. They all can count on high quality, punctuality and professionalism at every stage of cooperation.

Areas of activity



We create high-quality industrial wooden packaging while in our sawmill we produce sawn timber and structural wood. We also build ecological prefabricated houses.



We specialize in the machining of metal parts. We also produce welded constructions of different levels of complexity.



We provide professional thermoforming and die-cutting services of products made from all kinds of plastics for companies from various industries.

Rajmund Sorowski
Owner of SOR-DREW (1951-2022)

Development built on hard work

SOR-DREW is a family business, established in a post-industrial area in my home region. Knowing the potential of this area, I wanted to contribute to the development of the local community during the political transformation (the 1990s).

I am proud that it has been successful. We started by producing elements of wooden packaging, then whole packaging, and then metal and plastic elements. Currently, SOR-DREW is a capital group with several locations, separate brands and customers around the world.

However, we do not forget about our roots. Our main office in Zabrze is located in a former 19th-century sawmill - the preserved wooden buildings remind the team members of our roots every day.



Purchase of ZBUD crane

The purchase of an overhead crane is another step toward expanding our machinery and streamlining the operations of the Metal Department.


Purchase of the Trumpf Trulaser 1040

SOR-DREW's machine park has been expanded to include a high-performance laser cutting machine. It accelerates and boosts the Metal Department's productivity.


Farewell to Rajmund Sorowski

With great sadness we said goodbye to the Founder of the SOR-DREW Group.


Purchase of OIKOS 6 machine

SCM Group's OIKOS 6 machine is another step in the creation of a modern, innovative production line that guarantees the highest quality products for our customers.



The Woodbox brand is established; it operates within the wood packaging and product packaging department.



An independent department of energy-saving prefabricated houses under the brand name prefabeko is created.


Manufacturing consolidation

Consolidation of sawmill production with the production of wooden packaging: all wood production is moved from Świętochłowice to Zabrze. The Świętochłowice facilities are adapted and modernised for the production of the metal department.


Infrastructure development

Another year is marked by the infrastructure expansion: the sawmill site is being equipped with an assembly and storage hall and 3 wood drying facilities with a supplying boiler room.


Stock company

The transformation of the business into a joint-stock company starts a new chapter of activity under the name SOR-DREW S.A.


Machinery development

Modernisation of metal production is advancing - the machinery park is being extended with CNC machines for metalworking.



The purchase of the sawmill in Zabrze-Biskupice significantly increases the development possibilities of the company.


Metal elements

SOR-DREW extends its range of services to steel processing: production of metal parts begins.


Manufacture of packaging

The first production line for plastic packaging is launched.


Beginning of export business

Establishing numerous business contacts abroad results in starting our export activity to Germany.


PPUH SOR-DREW is created

Rajmund Sorowski establishes PPUH SOR-DREW in Świętochłowice. The company starts the production of wooden packaging.

<span>Business</span> philosophy

Business philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the principle "quality must be developed, not controlled". We are aware that the way we act today affects the lives of future generations. That is why we use only PEFC/FSC-certified materials, we optimize the usage of raw and production materials, we implement selective waste management. We strive for efficient use of energy, and thus - to reduce gas emissions that exacerbate climate changes.


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